news of the day, debate wrap up edition

Well, if there’s one thing no one will be saying about last night’s vice presidential debate, it’s that it was boring. Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan squared off in the first Catholic on Catholic debate. Both Ryan and Biden were prepared with a seemingly endless supply of statistics and stories to bring home their points. While Republicans wanted to punch Biden in the face for laughing at Ryan while he was giving his side of the story, but I found it rather effective. Kind of like when a trial lawyer says something totally inflammatory he or she knows will be stricken from the record but the jury hears it, so he’s made his point. Ryan attempted to stick it to the gaffe-prone Biden by saying something to the effect that he should know that sometimes things don’t come out right, but Biden gave it right back, saying that at least when he talks, he always says what he means. Perhaps the biggest thing to come out of the debate is how split each side was on who won. Republicans thought Biden was rude, saying he interrupted Ryan 82 times, and wasn’t coherent. (Were we watching the same debate?) Meanwhile Democrats thought Biden made Ryan look like a lightweight who didn’t give a straight forward answer to any question. And, perhaps most importantly, the non-Irish in America now know what malarkey means. If you want to know more, you can read my live blog from last night.
Side note: it occurs to me that perhaps I didn’t mind all of the interrupting because it felt like an evening at the Gaffney dinner table. I come from a long line of people who don’t let each other get a word in edgewise.
The European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, much to the consternation of the rest of the world. The struggling 27-nation union, which has been struggling with a host of economic issues of late, was awarded for its work in conflict resolution since World War II. The selection of the EU drew grumbles worldwide, with some seeing it is a ploy to save the Euro in this time of upheaval.
American Airlines (AA) continues to cut flights amidst its ongoing bankruptcy related contract issues. Over the past month, 1,000 American Airlines flights have been canceled and 12,000 have been delayed. I think my parents were right to hurry up and use their air miles to go to Hawaii before AA goes under. In addition, AA has been plagued by mechanical problems, including loose seats. Business travelers have begun to book flights on other airlines, saying AA has become too unreliable.
Looking to fight fat? Eat these foods: salmon, yogurt, avocado, beans, chili peppers, green tea, and coffee. Oh good, I eat yogurt at least five times a week, coffee seven, and avocado fairly regularly.
Sports, No Leisure
After their 12th inning loss to Baltimore last night, the Yankees have announced they will bench Arod for the must-win game 5 of the American League Division Championship. He was really worth all that money, huh? How many years are left on that guys contract?

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